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Venture Studio

The Venture Studio takes an active role in building portfolio companies to maximize the chance of success for all stakeholders: founders, investors, and the communities they serve. 


KV offers access to versatile funding sources in the true spirit of co-laboring and co-creation with Kingdom entrepreneurs who work on jointly conceived projects.

Tech Resources

KV offers every portfolio company access to a growing suite of technology solutions themed around digital resiliency and empowerment. Powered by Valido’s SSO (single sign on), KV provides solutions around domain nameserver, hosting, DNS, cyber security, blockchain, crypto, NFT, VPN, file sharing, and more. 


KV is home to a powerful team of operators, from smart generalists to vertical specific subject matter experts. Most of us have built companies, served as early employees of venture backed starts, or otherwise have played a key part in building a business from the ground up. This includes every aspect of growing a team.


KV's involvement with our portfolio companies is hands on throughout the entrepreneurship journey. We host weekly check in calls between our senior operating team and the portfolio companies, touching upon every category of importance, including but not limited to capital, insurance services, financial consulting, strategy, law, compliance, tax, accounting and more.