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We are Servant Capitalists, a community of Kingdom Entrepreneurs and Investors co-laboring to create a thriving Kingdom economy.

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Venture Fund

Investing at the nexus of growth, impact and portfolio diversity, we leverage a unique duo diligence process focused on a perfect blend of Kingdom impact and Kingdom ROI.

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Venture Marketplace

A collaborative global crowdfunding platform which aims to educate, mobilize and deploy Kingdom capital to Kingdom minded founders and their startup businesses.

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Venture Studio

Serving Founders with a powerful ecosystem, we take an active role in co-building our portfolio companies to ensure the best chance of success for all parties — founders, investors and the communities they support.

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Our Story has an EPIK start!

Kingdom Ventures was birthed out of a faith and freedom movement that began with Epik Holdings and its Founder and Chairman Rob Monster. In a climate of rising censorship, deplatforming and the centralized control of media and technology, Epik faithfully held the line on lawful expression in the digital age.

At Kingdom Ventures, we are funding, empowering and inspiring the creation of a resilient parallel economy that is unabashed in its commitment to the preservation and advancement of Kingdom values, and fully embraces the promise of God’s providence for those who walk in faithful obedience with the Lord.

We are providing Kingdom Capital For Kingdom Ventures.

Featured Portfolio Ventures

Epik Holdings 

Epik Holdings is comprised of 8 revenue generating companies and more than a dozen incubated projects that will comprise a Resilient Technology and Economic Ecosystem. Each entity is powerful in of itself, however, the integration of all systems together.

Listing Date: 8-1-22
Stage: Series A
Theme: Cloud Infrastructure
Size of Raise: $35M




Looking to secure the capital required to continue our YOY triple digit growth. Terrahost plays a critical role in creating the resilient technology ecosystem being created by Epik Holdings.

Listing Date: 8-1-22
Stage: Series A
Theme: Data Services
Size of Raise: $10M